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  1. As a High School teacher and parent of a twenty year old, Beyond School – Practical Tips for Teens is an amazing resource for me personally to share and create positive discussion in the classroom and at home. This valuable resource also serves as an effective way to fill in gaps which usually fall under the ‘common sense’ heading which tends to be not that common in teens and beyond today! Fantastic read!

  2. You are doing great things Jo. I love reading your blogs and posts. In fact I have been making a conscious effort to take photos with me in it at every event because of something I read from you. So thank you

  3. Wow! I love it as a Dad and can’t wait to work through the activity with my 13yr old daughter

  4. Your book will change lives JoJo. Even I understood everything and it was so easy to read. I”m going to go buy a whiteboard to write my goals on it now. #proudniece

  5. After reading ‘Beyond School: Practical Tips for Teens’ I was more than happy to pass it on to a young lady who will indeed be beyond school in the not too distant future. This book is well written, in a very easy to follow format and language. The activities at the end of each chapter are great – especially for those who are eager to get their life goals fired up. I highly recommend this book and think it should be in all school libraries too. – Donna Battams QLD

  6. Billy is thrilled with his book! What a great common sense and easy to read book! Will come in handy for a lot of teens!

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