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Dear High School Graduates…


CONGRATULATIONS!!! Adulations and well done. You made it. Your ran the gauntlet of 12 or 13 years in the formal education system and survived, hopefully having learnt a great deal, having acquired skills you didn’t realise you were developing and with dreams and passions now to pursue. I hope you really  enjoy the last few weeks as a high schooler for there are ‘changes that come around real soon make us women and men’. (Showing my age singing the lyrics to Jack and Diane! But anyhoo)… A new chapter is waiting for you.

Make sure you truly celebrate your successes, your journey thus far and the friendships you’ve made along the way. As Australians we really don’t celebrate our successes nearly enough. However you choose to celebrate, do it wisely, do it making good choices for yourself and your friends and do it with so much laughter and love you remember these weeks as some of the best of your life.

Some of you will be feeling very nervous, anxious and a little scared about the future. For high schoolers this is one of the most stressful times of your life. Leaving the comfort, routine and familiarity of schooling and now being responsible for yourself, responsible for creating a life you love, Anytime we are anxious it’s because we are coming from a place of fear rather than love. When you change your perspective and start to see things as opportunities to be embraced you’ll find it much easier. Sure it gets much harder being an adult, but with that responsibility comes so much more freedom, all choices (and therefore all consequences) are yours and yours alone, the world is totally yours to do with what you will. YOU get to create the life YOU want. If you’re really struggling talk to your parents, an adult or book yourself into Headspace for a bit of counselling (They’re brilliant at that and it really helps and it’s free!).

Parents and teachers will have given you ideas on where they see your future but you and you alone know what’s in your heart. You and you alone know where your true passions and purpose are. If you’re having trouble figuring those out think about where your strengths are and pursue a life down that road. Some of the wealthiest people in the world made their fortunes pursuing what made them happy (and of course that, just like anything in life, took a LOT of hard work, persistence and perseverance).

Some of you will head off to TAFE or Uni, others to the workforce. Whatever you choose, your education has not finished. Education is about informing yourself. Education is a lifelong endeavour. Giving yourself the opportunity to level up regularly. Now it’s not formal education but up to you. Educating yourself helps protect you from those who will try to bring you down, those who will try to rob you without you realising it, and those who want to take advantage of you – and they will come at you from places you’d least expect. Welcome to adult life. It’s also filled with people who are happy to mentor you, happy to pass on their knowledge and who genuinely want to see you succeed and thrive. So where can you get this ‘outside school education’ … Libraries, the internet and gurus in your chosen industries are where you now go for your education – willingly. Some of you will be happy finding a 9 to 5 job and working for someone else for the rest of your lives, others of you will have businesses developing inside you. Go for it! Whatever your passion, go for it. As Gary Vaynerchuk says (oh and you should totally Google him) “Life’s too short to do shit you hate”. But you still have to feed yourself so when starting out find a way to make an income to support yourself, and build your dreams on the side. NEVER be a burden to others, never expect a handout from anyone, and always rely on yourself. This will build resilience and persistence that will see you go places you never dreamed. Do whatever it takes to create the life you love and want. (And no, sitting on your arse playing video games while being waited on by mum is not an option! That’s what boys do, not men!).

Talking of going places maybe you’ve been working and saving and are going to take a ‘Gap Year” .. a year off from life and backpack across the world. If you are, I am SOOOOO JEALOUS. Travel brings experiences and skills you never dreamt existed. Do as much of that as you can.

If you’re feeling a little lost and would like some more help I’ve written a book called Beyond School: Practical Tips for Teens… it’s just $20 or ebook is just $10. Ask for it for Christmas.. it really will give you the edge in starting out and help you level up. Check it out HERE  

Whatever you choose to do, do it with all your heart and create a life you love. Far too many live mediocre lives day in and day out. Life’s short. Make it count. Make yourself happy supporting yourself in ways that make YOUR heart sing. I’m so excited for your future, I hope you are too.

Now go celebrate, you deserve too xo

Love Jo
and the Mentor Mumma Team

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