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Happy Easter – Forgiveness and Gratitude.

However you celebrate and spend the 4 days of Easter, have the most amazing time. For us we go camping with friends – old and new, and enjoy good old fashioned fun: Movie nights with dress up theme and acting out our scenes; mini olympics for all ages; tug of war; concert; karaoke; pig on the spit; hangover brekky and lots of laughs while the kids run free, meeting new friends, catching up with friends they haven’t seen in a year, getting dirty and being adventurous. We are blessed. Yet, Easter is also a great time for forgiveness and gratitude and reflecting on these.


Regardless of your religious persuasion (or lack thereof) forgiveness and gratitude are fantastic tools to teach our kids and teens, and to use ourselves (not just at Easter but all year through, it’s just more prevalent at Easter time in this household).


Firstly, gratitude changes perspectives and lives. Being grateful for what we have in our lives, truly grateful, brings more of the good things into our lives. Our mindsets change.  Our perspectives change. Our outlooks change. Our lives change, for the better,  and we as human beings grow.


Secondly, forgiveness is crucial for life. I don’t think a single person has walked this planet that hasn’t been hurt, betrayed, wrongly done by or upset by another. In those times we can either harbour anger, growing more more and more bitter on the inside, OR we can forgive. Not for the other person, but for ourselves. Forgiveness frees up our minds, our emotions and our lives for better things, and we as humans grow.

Is there anyone you need to forgive? Maybe it’s yourself? Right now, forgive them… not for them, but for you! For your growth. For your freedom. (I love the saying that unforgiveness is like giving free rent in your head to someone you dont’ even like! #crazy). For your sanity. For your future.

Happy Easter

Have a great Easter, if you’re driving – drive safe.  If it’s about Jesus then celebrate in style and reflection. If it’s about getting away – then do so with loved ones (friend and/or family). And if the Easter bunny comes to your place may he bring an abundance of the good chocolat. 

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