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It happened! When I was little I wanted to be an author. Growing up I wanted to be an author. This week, at the age of 45 (35 for those playing at home!) I picked up MY first book from the printers! What an absolute high. Dreams do come true if you put in the work to make them happen!! So many life lessons in this event.

And then I put it online and people started buying it, not just my amazing support squad but people I’ve never met! Blown away by the support and love already.

And THEN.. my 20 year old niece started reading it and keeps coming to me telling me it’s inspirational, it’s life changing and has already learnt things and making notes to implement things in her own life .. and she’s only on page 28!!! (An update: she’s now googling the real estate section and planning on getting herself a goals board!!! #missionaccomplished)

I am floating on a cloud right now.  I was just talking to my artist friend Tracey Mackie about the thrill of creating something that adds value to other people’s lives that they’re willing to pay for. It’s an amazing feeling. AND THEN you get to see their lives enhanced, changed and inspired. Yeah I think I like this new gig I created for myself……

Meanwhile if you know of anyone that could benefit from the book – be it your own teens, nieces/nephews, friends, local schools etc please share this post around. Christmas is something ridiculous like 100 sleeps away or something close to that!! They can order at   If you know a school or youth group wanting to do some fundraising in October or November we are offering a once off 35% profit for fundraisers. That means for each $20 book sold, the school or group will receive $7 – that’s pretty good and with Christmas just around the corner, they should sell themselves. Email me at: if you’re interested.

I’ve just posted the first 38 so if you’ve ordered a copy already it should arrive this week. I’m away til next Saturday so the next group of orders will be mailed then for you. I”m still nervous people won’t like it or will find fault with it but that’s pretty much normal with stepping out and doing anything of any value isn’t it. If Mel’s feedback and those who’ve read it already for me are any indication you and your teens are going to get great value from it, be inspired and ready to level up in life. I sure hope so because that’s my intent. #breakthecycle

I’m meeting with Dom from Ispruik next week about marketing plans…. this is getting serious. SO MUCH FUN too!

THANK YOU everyone for helping make my dreams come true


PS Dan’s in the background looking sulky because in the book’s dedications his name comes third, after his two older sisters!!!! #keepingitreal

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School holiday’s game…


School holidays can be the best of times or the worst of times. So too weekends. It is NOT our job as parents to entertain our kids 24/7. Sure we plan activities and even get the kids to plan some days of the holidays but for the most part it’s about getting out of routine, sleeping in, having PJ day,  playing with the toys and gadgets in your room, exploring your own backyard, playing with neighborhood kids etc. 

Years ago I read about the chore game. If a kid says I’m bored they have to do a chore. I’ve taken it a step further with the declutter the room because let’s face it rare is the child or teen whose room does not need a good declutter.. even if it was done two weeks ago!

The rules are simple. At the start of the holidays you let them know the rules. For every “I’m bored” you are confined to your bedroom (without devices or gadgets or any of the good stuff) but with a garbage bag. Your pass out is that bag full of either rubbish or a charity bag of no longer used nor loved items. This is a parental win win.

Whatever you and yours do these holidays, have a brilliant time.

If you know someone who’s teens can’t do a thing for themselves or someone with preteens please let them know about our FREE Ebook available at: ​ 

And if you’re not part of our Facebook group yet come on over to Parenting Teens with Mentor Mumma (for Preteens and earlier too) .

Have fun making memories these school holidays,


oh PS I’ve started a business course with Leonie Dawson and become an affiliate for her so if you’re interested check out her Shining Biz and Life Academy if not have a great week xo

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Making school holiday memories…on a budget.


It’s school holidays here in Queensland. Most parents love them. The lack of routine. The sleep ins. The bonding and memory making times. I’m one of those parents who love them. I don’t schedule any clients during one week of the holidays and am very conscious to be mindful, present and totally connected to the kids. OMG the laughs we have, over the stupidest things.

These holidays I managed to score a really good deal on so we’re off to the Gold Coast for three days of living in luxury. This time last year we went camping at Noosa North Shores in tents. The year before we did a road trip to Mums in Harvey Bay. 

Whatever you’re doing have the best time making memories with your kids. Before we know it they’ll be off creating memories without us!

Here’s my 6 top no to low cost holiday options with preteens and teens:

  1. The easiest way to avoid the “this is lame”, “I’m bored” etc is to have each child choose one or two days of the holidays and they have to plan the entire days activities. This also keeps them busy for a few hours googling. They can invite a friend along too if there’s room in the car.
  2. Play tourist in your town or nearest capital city – follow the tourist routes, the walking trails and discover your city from a new perspective. Take a picnic lunch, water bottles and you’re set.
  3. Most towns have a museum – even the smallest of towns usually do. Take the kids and do some ‘what if’. 
  4. Spring is the time for getting back in the water. Does your town have a free swimming area, swimming hole or beach? Set up camp with your picnic or bbq, and invite other families to join you for the day.
  5. Home movies. Each kid picks a movie, load up on popcorn and snacks, get out the doonas, dim the lights and have a ‘home movie theatre day’. If you have a rainy day these are brilliant for that. We had one today. Great excuse to stay in PJ’s too – teens love that.
  6. Google Free activities in your town and local council. You’ll be amazed at what’s on offer. Check the local libraries too as they often run free holiday workshops for different ages even during the school term. My 14 year old goes to Loud (which for some reason I keep calling Roar) once a pizza, lollies, video games, mates her age and lots of laughs.

Whatever you choose to do, make some amazing memories. Feel free to share them on our Facebook group 

If you haven’t received your FREE copy of Thirteen things to teach your kids before they turn 13 then click here for yours .

Happy holidays, all. Stay safe. Make memories. 


Jo and the Mentor Mumma family

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September 08th, 2016


He’s a failure! And I couldn’t be happier!!!

I picked Dan, Master 8, up from school today and he was proudly telling me of his car building and testing they’ve been doing in class. They used household items such as bottle tops, cereal cartons etc to make a car that moves.

Dan told me he had his turn today and it didn’t work. “Mine was a failure!”, he declared.

Me (waiting for the strops to happen): “How’d you feel about that Dan?”

Dan (proudly): “Good!”.

Me: “Oh did you now, why?”

Dan: “Because when you fail it’s an opportunity to learn and lots of famous people fail before they get it right look at Corey Parker (he’s a Bronco footy player)”.

Me (Bewildered at his wisdom): “Wow. That’s so true. How did you know that? Who taught you that?”


***** TAKES A BOW ******

I don’t recall that lesson with him, although it’s something I have mentioned to my teen girls many times! Guess he was listening when I thought he was Xboxin, WWEing, TV watching etc. Kids are always listening! Learning! Evolving. Growing. So proud  xo

Teaching kids to learn from their failures, embrace the failure, acknowledge it, move through the problem solving, improve and come back with solutions teaches resilience, problem solving and ultimately life skills. The ‘net is full of countless examples of successful people who failed in big ways, but learnt from the failures to become even more successful.

Proud mumma moment. Yep, take all the ones we can!

Have a great week everyone. If you haven’t checked out our Facebook group yet come join us at 

Check out parenting resources in our shop 


aka Mentor Mumma

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Pre-order the new release Beyond School: Practical Tips for Teens


** Purchase a copy and you are given access to the Practical Tips for Teens private group. **

I’m extremely excited to have sent the first edition to the printers which means we’re now taking pre-orders with expected delivery to your mail box by 22nd September in Australia. Grab one for your own teens, one for your local school, nieces/nephews/any teen for Christmas – which is just 16-17 weeks away.

Aimed at 15 to 18 year olds.

Many teens leave school and home unprepared for the real world. Beyond School: Practical Tips for Teens is sixteen chapters of helpful hints and practical advice for succeeding in life. Take an active role in YOUR life and success. Engage in the activities at the end of each chapter to cement the knowledge to give you a head start and achieve results.

Some of the topics discussed include:
“There’s no reason in 2016 to do shit you hate. NONE.” 
Gary Vaynerchuk

If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.”  Jim Rohn

One of the key fundamental practices to achieve financial freedom is to work for yourself, rather than work for a bank or a credit card company. Learn to pay yourself first before you pay someone else. By doing this you achieve two things: you make yourself richer, and you stop getting poorer. Only when you save money today can you invest it tomorrow, ensuring your financial freedom in the process. 
Robert Kiyosaki

This book is your next step
in the journey to a successful life.
It will: Challenge, Inspire, Educate, Empower,
Motivate, Guide and Change your thinking.

So jump on over to our shop at and pre-order your copy today. Perfect for Christmas.

Currently at the end of each chapter are activities that can be done individually or worked through to cement the points made in the chapter, including things such as the process to get your medicare card, apply for birth certificates in order to get driver’s licenses, doing a simple budget etc etc etc. These are the chapters:
1. Being thankful
2. Love yourself
3. To study or work?
4. Goal setting
5. Assets, Liabilities and Taxes
6. Superannuation
7. Budgeting and savings
8. Abundance and the Law of Attraction
9. Medical insurance and Medicare
10. Licences, Insurances and cars
11. Voting: why it’s important
12. Travel
13. Conflict Resolution
14. Appearances, First impressions, Hygiene and Respect
15. Setting up a home
16. Quotes and random things you should know….
If you’d like to be kept up to date for future releases and articles go to our contacts page and let us know where to send them.

Jo xo