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12 – that’s all you get! Make them count.


Twelve Christmas holidays from when they start school til when they finish. 12 magical holiday periods to create childhood memories. Memories that will last you ALL a life time. Sure there are other holidays during the year, and they get 940 weekends between birth and 18, but the 6 or 7 weeks of Christmas holidays during their school years is different. 

Different because Christmas and New Years are also included. Different because there’s an extended period of time in which to create memories together. More hours to fill up in continuous loops. More time together, and always when prices are at their highest – aka peak season.

It’s so easy to get lost in the end of year school chaos, the pre-Christmas chaos and the getting all your work done so you can take the time off to enjoy with your kids. I’d like to encourage you to start planning these holidays lest they slip by for yet another year.

You could even incorporate part of their Christmas present into it. The calendar idea I mentioned two blogs ago where you give them a calendar for Christmas and put future events, outings, and memory making time together in it. Using services such as to buy discounted activities and outings, even family meals. Amazing memories do not have to cost money – but they do require imagination and getting out and about.

Of course the best memories are made in the unexpected adventures such as getting lost enroute to somewhere, or while doing something complete different. The point is that memories are made while you’re actively doing something. Couch days and what we call lazy days at home are also great and much needed for down time but rarely do they create the kind of lifetime memories you’ll all relish.

Whatever you’re planning for you and yours these upcoming holidays (four weeks time for state school kids) have the most amazing memory making times, and enjoy the chillout lazy days too. If your child is entering high School you’ll have just a few more of these Christmas holidays to enjoy together because soon they’ll have part time jobs and friends that will occupy their holiday period. Make the few you have left count.

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The photo above was taken 6 years ago. Two of them are now teens and the other is an 8 year old WWE, footy loving, never stop dude. It was one of the cheapest weekends away we’ve ever had. I used an online booking service that had a mega special, and we took packed lunches every where and created our own fun. Such fantastic memories made on a limited budget. I have a friend her mum was telling me that one of the best memories her family created, and the grown kids all agreed, was one Ekka show instead of taking them to the show she gave them about $20 each to go to the shops and make their own sample bags. This was about 20 years ago. They all had an absolute ball and still talk about. Memories can be created anywhere.. if you just get up and do something, anything.

Four weeks until school’s out. Six weeks until Santa arrives. 7 Weeks until the New Year. 8 Week’s until my birthday (just had to throw that in hehe). Make the holidays count. Make them a part of your child’s memories. They get one childhood. What will yours remember?

Some ideas for memory making holiday fun:




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