Who is behind Mentor Mumma?

The short version….

Psych Degree (I put that first because the letters B. Psych. Sc (Hons) took me years of blood sweat and tears, and a lot of cash!

Single mum to 3 plus my 20 year old niece, and our cat Georgie.

Got sick of seeing people whinging about their lazy irresponsible teens.Realised those who belittled the way I parent a few years ago are now looking at my kids in awe.

I want to share what I do and did to help others. If more women had each others backs what an awesome world we’d live in. So I’ve got your back in this parenting kids caper but I know you’ve got mine. It really does take a village, so I created the online group for people to share their wins, their fails and everyday life in between. Together we can make a difference, and inspire each other.

Teens are a unique species and if parents do the ground work in the preteen and earlier years they and their kids will be super confident, responsible and independently capable for the teen years which means everyone wins. I’ve got a few resources to help with that part of the journey in the freebies section “13 things to teach your kids before they turn 13”.

I love cheese, chocolate and white wine (not always in that order!).

I love to travel. As an update, I’m taking my kids to Disneyland in May 2017!! Excitement much!

I talk too much.

I now take ages to trust someone.

Most days I’m happy.

I love living in Redcliffe, Qld, Australia. Because I love the beach and all things ocean.

Words of affirmation are my love language – I love hearing how good I’ve done something!

The long version…

Jodie-Anne Harlow (Jo) has a Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours), spent two decades working with 15-25 year olds from various backgrounds and ethnicities, and has a passion to empower others to reach their full potential. And as you can see from the above photo we love any chance to dress up!

Realising a gap in the market for educating teens with real life skills she answered the call. A single mum, she  is raising three children – WARNING WARNING WARNING…. Proud mumma brag coming up… no, seriously you’ve been warned!!!!!: Christine  14 who is current school captain, excellence program student, venturer and amazingly engaged public speaker (keep an eye out on Beyond School TV on Youtube for her); Charlotte-Rose 13 the creative director who was primary school captain last year, excellence program student,  and creative artist; and Daniel who at 8 has the world at his feet with a future in Rugby League (his team is currently undefeated after 18 months of games), he’s one of the top academic and athletic students in his class, has a dream to play for the Brisbane Broncos and Queensland in the State of Origin, and is the provider of many Dan-isms (statements that crack everyone up!). And they are a bloody funny bunch of kids. They’ve recently created a 4th child called “Timothy”.. even finding a baby doll and sending me a snapchat of it saying “Look Mum we found Timothy”!!! And then there’s miss 20, my beautiful niece, who lives with us and has given me so much content for my latest book “Beyond School: Practical Tips for Teens” as she navigates adult life, job hunting and starting in the work force. So proud of all of them. Oh and I can’t forget Georgie our 9 year old cat who keeps us all in line, she’s a good mum and gets super cranky if we go anywhere without her.

As a single mum family we’ve done the tough yards, it’s not been easy but with the help of friends and family we’ve overcome some really low points in our lives, and thoroughly enjoyed some truly high points. But that’s what makes life isn’t it.. it’s not what happens to us but how we react. I learnt early on in this parenting caper that the only way to survive was to find like minded people and create a support network, or in today’s terms, a squad. And I would not be without them, near and far. 

And so now my days are spent working multiple jobs – conducting Disability assessments, aged care assessments and acting as a relocation consultant, and by night I tap away on the keyboard creating products to change people’s lives, enrich their experiences and bless them. It’s my thing, I love it. And I hope you get something from it that enriches your life and the life of your family. xo