beautiful-mumMentor Mumma has had a name change to Parenting Australia.

A Community of parents supporting, encouraging, commiserating, inspiring and laughing with each other through the preteen and teen years.

Our motto: Lazy (Loving) mentor parenting

leads to responsible, independent and grateful teens. 


As seen on Today Extra in June 2017: 


As seen on Today Extra June 2017

Articles to inspire, motivate and help…

Disney Adventure Park 2017. Dreams do come true.


Resources which change lives….


 With many teens leaving school and home unprepared for the real world. Beyond School: Practical Tips for Teens is sixteen chapters of helpful hints and practical advice for succeeding in life. Give a teen you know an edge by gifting them this book for graduation or Christmas.

With over 17% of Australian children and teenagers living in poverty, this book endeavours to #breakthecycle.  

This book is your teen’s next step
 in the journey to a successful life.
It will: Challenge, Inspire, Educate, Empower,

Motivate, Guide and Change their thinking.

Read more about it or get your teen’s copy: HERE

Mentor Mumma Youtube clips

This vid is now 3 years old and remains one of the highlights of my parenting journey. 




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